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Single-Part Stories (2005)

A Story About a Moment — a moment changes everything (AJ/Nick) 24dec04
When I Was Young and Knew Everything — black hole of teenage ego (Justin/Chris)24dec04

Single-Part Stories (2004)

Ashes of Roses — the beginning of the end or the beginning (Chris/Nick) 15mar04
Just an Average Guy (the Momma's Boy extendamix) — tomilee, remixed, it's all about momma (Justin/Lance) 30mar04
Looking Glass — justin knows what he wants (Joey/Justin) 01jan04
Mall Santa — it doesn't snow in Orlando (Justin/Nick, AU) 01jan04
Poseur — who's the fake (Kevin/Nick, AU) 24dec03
Thirteen Hours from New York to Rome — justin's okay (Justin/Chris) 24dec03

Single-Part Stories (2003)

Always Somebody — there's always somebody else (Chris/JC, Chris/Nick) 24dec02
Beyond the Shore — it's simple (Joey/Nick) 05may03
Black Wren Road — mysteries of the past (Joey/Chris, others) 16sep03
Into the Woods — where fairy tales come from (Lance/Freddy) 09feb03
Law of Averages — everybody knows it but you (Brian/AJ) 15jan03
May You Softly Go — finding a place to begin (Joey/Chris) 19apr03
Mortals — nobody's perfect (Nick/Wade) 15mar03
Nearest and Dearest — never forget (Justin/Lynn, incest) 09aug03
Orange Juice, Waffles and Two Strips of Bacon — what's for breakfast the morning after (Chris/Nick) 07mar03
Passages — time passes, things change (JC/Joey)01mar03
sic coepit — college days (Joey/AJ, AU) 26mar03
Sleeping Beauty (Old Bones) — a trip to New Orleans (Joey/JC) 01jan03
Thank you (Five years remix feat. Li'l B) — Lise, remixed, what will be (Justin/Lance) 21mar03
Where the Sea Meets the Moon — miracles happen by moonlight (Joey/JC, AU) 28apr03

Single-Part Stories (2000-2002)

A Change — joey changes. so does jc. (Joey/JC) 23sep01
Attraction — when the odd man out isn't (Justin/Nick) 25jun01
between the lines: a story in liner notes (Brian/Howie) 25jul01
Carter — justin always gets what he wants (Justin&Nick) 05jun02
Damned — belated thoughts in a darkest hour (no pairing, darkish) nov00
Four Nights in Amsterdam — when life doesn't go the way you imagined (Kevin/Howie) 01aug02
The Game — things are not what they seem (Justin/Chris, JC/Joey) 06oct00
Kashimoto's Comet — girlsync, and then some (parody, Justin/Lance and others) 09jun01
Killed The Cat — Lance has a crush; JC has some questions (Lance/JC, JC/Bobbie) 04sep00
Middle of Somewhere — truth in advertising (Lance/JC, Joey/JC) fall01/9aug03
Montego Bay — "Chris, Lance, a bar and hotel room in Jamaica" (Chris/Lance) 24dec01
On a High Holy Night — Brian finds what he's looking for (AU, Brian/Nick) 01nov02      Mini-sequel: winter scene
One-Up — "Joey, AJ, a ski lodge" (AJ/Joey) 24dec01
P.O. Box 9900, Orlando, FL — the guys get some mail (no pairing) 01nov01
Rebound — two discarded men in the night (Justin/Joey) dec00
Safe — Nick and AJ and a dirty motel room (Nick/AJ, drug use) mar01
Shakespeare in Love — someone figures out what love's about (JC/Joey) 01mar02
Strobe — love, rave style (Justin/Nick) 15aug02
Thursday — doing it well (Justin/Joey) jan01
Touch — don't say a word (AJ/Nick) fall00/09aug03
Unpretty — a nick thing (no pairing) 26may01

Multi-Part Stories

Ever After (in progress, 11/12 chapters complete) updated 28apr04
Joey/Chris, JC/m, Justin/Britney, first person alternating Joey and Chris POV, features all five 'Syncers prominently, several original characters, Joey has just gotten out of rehab and life goes on.

Used (complete)
AJ/Justin, AJ/Sarah, BSB/Nsync crossover, het sex and a lot of complicated relationships. Justin runs into AJ at a used car lot/garage and a friendship forms.


Cain (with Jawamonkey)
Mostly a Chris story, Joey/JC, some violent acts present but not graphic, pretty dark, Chris has a twin, not an AU again.

Doppelgänger (with Jawamonkey)
J/Wade, Justin/Joey implied, Lance is all but absent, Justin has a twin, not an AU.

The Great and Brave Adventures of the Mammoth Hunting Clan (with Pet) 13aug02
JC/Joey, Chris/Lance, Justin/Nick, seriously cracked-out AU.

Genuine #1 (with Jawamonkey) 19aug02
Justin/AJ, AU, Nsync never happened.

Short Shorts

01 (JC/Lance) | 02 (Justin/Chris) | 03 (Joey/Lance) | 04 (Justin/JC, JC/Lance) | 05 (Joey/JC) | 06 (Joey/Chris) | 07 (no pairing) | 08 (Joey/Chris/Lance) | 09 (JC/Lance) | 10 (no pairing) | 11 (Chris/Lance) | 12 (Joey/Lance) | 13 (Joey/Chris, JC/Justin/Lance) | 14 (Justin/Chris) | 15 (no pairing) | 16 (Justin/Nick) | 17 (JC/Lance) | 18 (Joey/Justin) | 19 (Joey/JC, Justin/Nick, Chris/Christina, Lance/Britney, AU) | 20 (Joey/Chris) | 21 (Justin/JC) | 22 (Joey/Chris) | 23 (Joey/JC, AU) | 24 (Joey/JC, Joey/Chris) | 25 (Joey/Chris) | 26 (no pairing) | 27 (Kevin/Nick) |

Written for and posted on Livejournal. Tend to be in honour of someone's birthday, or sometimes just because.
Who's On First (Joey/) | Pulse (Joey/Lance) | Country Chapel (Brian/Lance) | 14th and Edward (no pairing, AU) | S.W.A.K. (Kevin/Chris) | Garden Party (Justin/Nick) | Eye Candy (no pairing) | Adaptation (Justin) | Still Life (JC/Joey) | Green (JC/Joey) | Post-coital (Brian/Joey) | Virgin (Britney) Blink: A night in stop motion, through a peephole (Justin/Nick) | like stealing his shoes (Nick/Trace) | winter scene (Brian/Nick, JC/Howie) |

LJ Ficlet Request Meme
People ask for things, and other people write them. Cause it's fun.
not a breach (Brian&Bono) | stolen time (Joey/Lance) | and other indoor sports (JC/Lance) | marked (Brian/AJ) | thirtysomething (Joey/Nick) | paper trails (Justin/JC) | last seen on the internet (Justin/JC) | bound by sweat and blood (Lance/Nick, AU) | cowboy junkie (JC/Joey, AU) | the starting line (Chris/JC, AU) | blow this popsicle (stand) (Chris/Joey, AU) | birdman (AJ/Joey, AU) | the pull (Justin/Nick, AU) | the adventures of w8trboi (Chris/Howie, AU) | face in the crowd (Chris&JCtwin) | gold coast (JC/Justin, Chris/Christina) | fracture (Joey/Justin) | rag and bone (JC/Joey, AU) | skin (Lance/Nick, Lance/Wade, AU) | what's real is this (Brian/Nick, AU) |

Ongoing Series:

Not A Pretty Boy
Joey/Chris, first person Joey POV, features all five 'Syncers prominently, slice of life type stuff, following a relationship as it develops and grows.
Not A Pretty Boy
All Through The Night
Waking Moments
Morning Glory
And Then There Were Two
Rocking Motion
The Visitor
Everything But The Girl
Sleeping Beauty
The Green Room
Something to Talk About
In Pieces
The Dating Game
Getting An Eyeful
Picture Perfect
Can't Hardly Wait
Sexual Politics
Thin Ice
A Different View
Something New
Lonesome Highway

Scenes from a Relationship
a.k.a. The Dirk Stories, related shorts. Listed chronologically, but not written that way. Will be added to, from time to time. A Joey story.

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