and other indoor sports

by Chris J

Request: JC/Lance - Lance comments on JC's sunburn from the summer.

"The contractor is coming tomorrow," said Lance, closing the blinds, blocking JC's perfect view of the pool area. "A gazebo, I think. Next to the flower garden. The blue one, not the yellow one."

"I can't believe you color-code your flower gardens," he said, stretching out along the couch and closing his eyes now that there was nothing to see.

"It's not a code, it's landscaping. Just because you let the grass grow wild in your back yard--"

"I'm growing it for seed--"

"--doesn't mean the rest of us don't like something... nicer." JC just smiled to himself, and thought the word Lance was looking for was ‘manicured’ or ‘sculpted’, for both his yard and himself. "I saw you out on the deck chair this morning."

"And?" said JC, popping one eye open again to catch Lance's expression.

"You looked like you were napping. I think a gazebo would be a good idea, nice and sheltered. I should've had one built ages ago."

JC popped the other eye open and stared. "Yeah, you should've," he said finally, "because then I wouldn't be lying here thinking you're building a whole gazebo to keep me out of the sun."

Lance, at least, had the grace to look guilty. "You know you have a tendency to--" he said, and waved his hand vaguely, and JC wondered why he was the one who had a reputation for never knowing the right words. "I'm not saying you're forgetful or anything--"

"Good," JC interrupted him, nodding his head and closing his eyes again. He'd seen enough. "It might be more fun if you just stocked up on sunscreen and slathered me with it from time to time."

"Yeah, but--" began Lance, and JC waved his hand this time, saving Lance from having to explain himself. It was sweet, really, if misguided. But a gazebo would probably look good in the yard anyway, it suited the place.

"Tell the contractor I like dark woods," was all he said, and he imagined Lance smiling. If Lance wanted to build him a gazebo, well, JC was sure they could find a few ways to use it.

For LJ Ficlet Request Meme, for kimannebb. January 12, 2004

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