paper trails

by Chris J

Request: May I request Justin/JC, in which Justin finally gets up the nerve to hit on JC only to realize that JC's been trying to manipulate him into making a pass for a while :)

"Can I borrow some paper?" said JC, leaning against Justinís doorframe -- no, *lounging* against Justinís doorframe -- in a thin t-shirt and sweat pants that barely clung to his hips. Looking sleep-mussed or sex-mussed or whatever that look is when someone has obviously just spent a lot of time moving around in bed.

"Some what?"

"Paper," said JC. Justin stared back. JC mimed scribbling on his hand.

"Oh, paper!" said Justin, backing away a step as JC took a step into the room. Like an idiot, too, because every time he thought about getting closer to JC, his body started moving in the opposite direction. And he thought about getting closer to JC a lot of the time. "Yeah, Iíve got some."

"I knew you would," said JC, smiling broadly at him, that wide, completely unselfconscious smile of his. "Joey and Chris are useless, and Lance doesnít like to share. But youíre different."

If only he meant that in all the ways that Justin imagined he would when he was jerking off to his fantasies every night. But however he meant it, he *said* it, and Justin wasnít a blushing little kid anymore. He pulled some paper out of his notebook and turned back and actually took three steps in the right direction so he could hand it over.

When JC took the paper, Justin made sure his thumb ran over the edge of JCís hand, just a fleeting caress. JCís eyes widened at him, and Justin couldnít pretend that it had been an accident.

"What are you working on?" he asked, remaining close, and thank god his voice didnít crack.

"Just writing some stuff," said JC vaguely. "You know... stuff."

Justin shrugged and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Stuff I can help with, maybe?" he suggested, starting at JCís knees.

JC didnít answer for a long time, not until Justin actually looked up again and met his eyes. "Sure," he said, just as easy as that. "We can fool around with some stuff, see what we can come up with." He angled his head toward the door and took a step back toward it. "Come back to my room."

Justin followed him out, biting his lip the whole time. Well, the inside of his lip anyway, so no one would notice. Or maybe he should actually bit his lip. Was that sexy, biting his lip? Would JC like that? He tried it, right as JC unlocked his room and turned back around to let Justin in.

JC smiled at him, so maybe he did. "Go on in and make yourself comfortable," he said, then as soon as the door shut he was right behind Justin again, following him closely.

The first thing Justin noticed, other than the fact that the keyboard was packed away and not set up at all, even though there were scattered papers on the bed, was that there was an untouched notebook sitting on top of the dresser. He stared at it for a moment, then stared at it for a moment more, then looked back at JC questioningly.

JC just shrugged. "I like yours better," he said, and his smile was bright.

For LJ Ficlet Request Meme, for synecdochic. January 13, 2004

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