last seen on the internet

by Chris J

Request: I'd like to request JC/Justin, and wanking. Because I know you're all about the wanking, yo. [grins] As am I.

It wasn't like Justin wasn't used to long distance relationships, wasn't used to the hundred special kinds of hardships that went along with them, but they still kind of sucked. If only because Justin had just come home from a hell of a party had a buzz on and and wanted to get fucked.

The beauty of the modern, industrial, shiny, D-I-Y world was, though, that at least he had options. Justin stripped as he walked, letting his clothes lay where the landed, and tapped a button on the stereo. His own voice filled the bedroom.

When he'd been with Britney, back in those crazy, best-left-forgotten days, they'd once found their way into a novelty sex toys store, and walked out fifteen sheets of paperwork later with an order for a specialty dildo made from a mold of Justin's equipment.

Two years later, Justin got his dick back in the break-up.

"There you are," he said, stroking one hand over the wood of his dresser and grabbing up his new best friend with the other. It was just a few steps back to the bed, and Justin didn't waste any time taking them.

Before he stung all his nerve endings, before he turned his bones to rubber, he stretched over as far as he could reach and switched on the camera.

He hoped JC would enjoy the tape.

For LJ Ficlet Request Meme, for shinetheway. January 13, 2004

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