by Chris J

The shower was running when AJ got back from the club, steam trickling out from beneath the closed door. Nick was still up, then, had maybe just got in himself. Nick had left the hotel earlier in a pair of leather pants that hugged his ass like he had nothing on. AJ had noticed. He let himself remember the sight for a few moments, right up till his conscience began whispering a reminder of "forbidden fruit" at him.

Banishing the image, he pulled his shirt off over his head and dropped it on the floor by the bathroom door. "I'm coming in," he said, tapping just loud enough to be heard, knowing it wouldn't be locked. He could feel the mist stick to his body the moment he stepped inside.

"That sure as hell better be AJ," came Nick's voice through the thin curtain, over the sound of the pulsing water.

"Yeah, it's me." AJ flipped down the lid of the toilet and sat on it, leaning forward onto his knees. His body cast a long shadow on the shower curtain from the dimming, flickering lights above the sink. Fucking cheap hotel. "I need a favor."

"No, you can't have the shower. You're supposed to be out, anyway." Nick sputtered as he turned into the spray.

"I don't need the shower," lied AJ, and hoped Nick got out soon. He ran a finger down his own chest idly, gathering condensation on it and flicking it off towards the curtain. "I smoked my last joint with Kevin last night. You holding?"

"Yeah, yeah," said Nick, grunting, sputtering in the spray again. "Can it wait until I'm showered, man? I shouldn't be much longer..."

"Sure, whatever." AJ looked up as the lights flickered again, watched Nick's silhouette move behind the curtain. He'd definitely grown up nice from the skinny little kid he'd once been, grown up and filled out in ways AJ just never had. "A few more minutes won't kill me."

Nick paused. "You're staying?" he said, then the curtain rippled as he brushed his shaking head against it. "Whatever, man."

"Beats pacing the room, waiting for you to come out," said AJ unapologetically. "I figured you wouldn't mind the company." He shifted on the toilet seat, trying to get comfortable, then just hopped up on the counter, pushing Nick's foggy glasses aside. "So what did you get up to today?"

"Huh?" said Nick, obviously not much into conversation. His elbow bumped the curtain again. "Nothing much. Played a little b-ball with Brian. Went to a club for a while. You know... just stuff."

"Uh huh," said AJ, watching the silhouette shift, watching Nick run his hands all over his bare body. "Yeah. Club. Fuck." That was why he had been hoping to score off Nick, after all. The club was what had sent him in there in the first place, not the idea of Nick in the shower. No. That was somewhere he -- they -- just didn't go. Would never go.

"So I was with this chick, right? You know, in the alley? And fucked if her boyfriend didn't come bursting out on us, halfway through a fucking blowjob." His cock jumping a little at the memory. "You gonna be done soon?"

"Yeah, yeah," said Nick, leaning against the shower wall with one hand and making a soft, almost inaudible noise. "Just hang on. Fuck."

"I mean, the guy was a total loser so it wasn't like I was breaking up some grand romance or something," AJ defended himself, his eyes never leaving Nick's form. "I just wanted to, you know, get off." He rubbed his jaw lightly. "Remind me to fill the ice bucket, too."

"Yeah, okay," said Nick impatiently. "Christ, AJ, can you shut up for two seconds? I'm busy here."

"What, it takes great powers of concentration to wash your hair?" scoffed AJ, leaning back against the mirror and examining the chipped black nail polish on his hand with a frown. His erection pressed against his tight pants as his pelvis jutted out from the new position. He did fall silent, though, as he waited for Nick to finish his shower. Fell silent and listened to the sound of the water, to his own breathing. To Nick's.

It was slow and even at first, punctuated by the occasional sputter, then it quickened, became harsher. Soft moans began to escape that couldn't be entirely masked by the running water. AJ's dick hardened with each one that he heard.

The silhouette behind the curtain became barely visible as the lights shot up to full power again, flickering twice. AJ couldn't even be sure that hunched over shape wasn't just in his imagination. He pressed his hand against the bulge in his jeans as Nick moaned again, and imagined how he would look naked and dripping wet.

AJ slid quietly off the counter and leaned his ass against it as he undid his pants and pulled them down just enough to pull his dick out. He sighed in relief as his hand touched his bare flesh, grasping it confidently, more familiar with it than anyone else could be. Nick moaned again and AJ squeezed.

He was stroking himself when Nick began gasping softly, the curtain rippling each time Nick bumped it. With one hand AJ reached out for it, stroking his fingers through the condensation there, too, and letting it drip.

Nick moaned and gripped the curtain in his fist, about an inch above AJ's fingers. AJ stroked himself harder and stretched out his palm flat against the shower curtain; a moment later Nick's hand uncurled and his palm pressed hard against AJ's. And suddenly neither one of them was alone anymore.

Nick fell back against the wall with a smack as he came, his hand slipping down against AJ's. AJ pushed back against the curtain desperately, wishing he could lace their fingers together and hold him there forever. He jerked on his cock until he felt Nick's hand tremble, heard him say "AJ" in a tiny, soft voice. AJ came like a firecracker, quaking in his own hand and shooting against the curtain with a long, low moan.

A moment later Nick turned off the water, but left the curtain closed. AJ could hear his breathing now, in the thick silence, deep and heavy. Their hands were still pressed together but they didn't speak.

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