by Chris J

Joey ran his fingers down Brian's spine, feeling the dips and curves, the little scar between his shoulderblades shaped like a crescent moon. He already knew the patterns in the freckles on his back, the way his hair curled at the nape of his neck, especially when it was damp. Like now.

"You tired?" he asked softly, in case Brian was already asleep. Which Joey knew he wasn't; he breathed differently when he slept, slower and deeper, and the muscles in his back relaxed.

Brian murmured something into the pillow, then turned his head and caught Joey's eye. "What's the right answer to convince you to keep doing that?" he mumbled, the last words almost lost in a yawn.

"That was," said Joey, and nipped playfully at Brian's shoulder as he stroked his fingers back up again. "You're not allowed to sleep, though. It's still morning."

"I'm allowed to sleep whenever I like," retorted Brian. "Take it when you can get it." He pressed his cheek to the pillow again and closed his eyes, but he was no closer to sleeping than he'd been before.

"That goes for things other than sleep, too," Joey reminded him, nipping at his shoulder again. Not that he wanted to start things all over again, but just a little more attention wouldn't hurt anyone.

Brian snorted into the pillow and reached back, eyes still closed, to run his hand over Joey's cheek. Joey could feel Brian's fingers scraping over his stubble and took them into his mouth, sucking gently. They tasted like sex and apple juice.

"You're insatiable," said Brian, but he waited a long time before pulling them away again.

Joey just gave him a big grin and went back to his shoulder again. "You know how much big words turn me on," he teased, and ran his tongue all the way over Brian's shoulder and up his neck to his earlobe. "You did that on purpose."

"Maybe," said Brian, finally shifting underneath him until his back was flat against the bed and he could look Joey in the face. He smiled lazily. "Is it working?"

"Daaaaaad!!" The shriek came from the bottom of the stairs. "Baylee put GUM in my HAIR!!!"

Joey groaned and pressed his face to Brian's neck. "Whose turn is it?"

"Yours," said Brian, which served Joey right for asking. "Up and at 'em, daddy."

"All right, all right." Brian was nudging gently at his side, but Joey took a moment to kiss him before rolling over and sitting up. "But it's yours next time, and don't think I'm gonna forget."

"Daaaaaaaad!! It's STICKY!"

Joey sighed and pulled on his jeans. "Stay," he said, and once he was buttoned up he leaned in to give him one last kiss. "I'll be right back."

"And I'll be right here," Brian promised him, snuggling into the bed and pulling the covers up to his neck. "You might have to wake me up, though."

"Count on it," said Joey, and started down the stairs.

For jawamonkey, because I missed her. December 9, 2002

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