While NSync and the Backstreet Boys are made up of real people with real lives, these stories are not about them. I have taken their names and their faces and the very little that I know about them and created them as fictional characters. I know nothing of their lives, their relationships and their true sexuality. These pieces of fiction makes no claims as to whether they are gay or straight in real life, nor what their true opinions are on any subject, nor whether they actually dump beer on each other, or enjoy peanut butter, or drive too fast.

I like to explore the multitude of possibilities that could befit someone in this situation, with these circumstances, and a lot of those possibilities do not match the common perceptions of who these people are who are in boybands. Thus, these stories are more of a deconstruction of media images than a serious attempt to accurately depict the band members.

Stories may and usually do depict romantic and deeply personal relationships between men. This I feel is appropriate for all ages and make no restrictions for. However, some stories may also contain sexual content. This is suitable only for adults and I ask that no one under the age of majority in their area in the world read those stories.

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