by Chris J

I lounged on the overstuffed chair, one leg thrown casually over the arm, and surveyed the room. It was really nice just to have a quiet night, sitting around, watching TV and having fun with each other. There's definitely such a thing as getting too caught up in all the night life, and we were almost to that point. All of us.

Justin was sitting cross-legged on the floor, captivated by the movie. He looked younger than I've seen him in years; I could almost see the childish innocence. JC was sitting on the sofa, half-watching the movie and half-watching Justin. I saw him smile a little bit and could imagine the memories that were running through his head. He'd known Justin longer than any of us, and the recent changes in his friend had to be affecting him more than the rest of us.

Chris was pretending to snooze on one end of the sofa, but every so often his eyes would drift open and he would briefly catch my gaze.

Finally, on one pass, our eyes caught and held. I nodded slightly.

"I think I'm going to turn in," said Chris, yawning widely. "It's been a long day."

"Me too," I agreed. "It's going to be another one tomorrow." I got up out of the chair and stretched before following Chris to the door.

It wasn't like anyone actually believed either of us were going off to sleep, but it was a fiction we both kept up. It helped us keep the line drawn clearly between just messing around, which we were, and lovers. Lovers wouldn't have made any secret of what they were doing. Right?

"Have a good night, guys," said Lance, sounding quite innocent, as we slipped out of the room.

"Your room or mine?" asked Chris quietly once we closed the door.

"Yours," I said without hesitation. "It's at least across the hall. Mine's right next door. You know how they get when they hear us. I don't want your 'cries of passion' quoted back at us tomorrow."

Chris grinned at him ruefully and nodded, crossing the hall and unlocking the door. Another fiction, pretending we didn't want to share a suite. Not that we would have been able to anyway, for appearance's sake, but the subject had never been broached. At least, not by us. We took Lance's unofficial room assignments as they came and smiled and thanked him when most of the time now we were in adjoining rooms.

"I think we're alone now," he said; by the smirk on his face he was clearly resisting the urge to sing the words.

I pushed my hand against the door, closing it with a loud click, then pressed Chris up against the door and kissed him, hard. "Good," I said.

"Shit, it's been too long," said Chris, kissing me again and again. It hadn't been long, not in days, but today had been one long day in itself. I think we both had too much on our minds to even talk about it now, we both just knew that we needed to be close to one another tonight.

He pulled my shirt up and began caressing my chest. "I almost forgot what it felt like to touch you."

"Me too," I agreed, latching onto his throat and nipping at him lightly. I'd been touching him all day, but there's touching and then there's touching. I unbuttoned Chris's shirt and yanked it back over his shoulders, then suckled and nipped at his nipples as my hands quickly undid his jeans. He tasted so good, sweet and salty and warm. Anything else that had been on my mind besides having him was wiped out right in that moment.

"Oh, God, yes," moaned Chris, his head falling back and slamming against the door. The momentary pain seemed to go unnoticed as I yanked his pants and boxers down to his knees and engulfed his hard cock in my mouth.

"Fuck!" cried Chris, grasping desperately onto the doorknob as a sudden wave of pleasure washed over him. "Fuck, you're good."

Yeah, I already knew that. I closed my eyes and used my lips and tongue to hit all the places I knew drove Chris wild. The soft moans and loud cries coaxed me to go longer, faster, deeper.

"I'm coming," he gasped. "I swear, I'm!" He groaned, long and low, as he ejaculated into the back of my throat.

As Chris' wilting cock slid from my saliva-coated lips, I let myself fall back on my ass and looked up at him with a wry grin. "Good?"

Chris couldn't speak; he only nodded enthusiastically. A moment later he fell to his knees and leaned forward, planting a hand on either side of my torso and forcing me back against the floor. "Very good. Incredibly good. Mind-blowingly good." He planted a firm kiss on my lips and leaned back a little. "One more thing would make it perfect."

"You want more?"

Chris leaned forward until his lips were brushing my ear. "Fuck me," was all he said.

Then we were kissing again, my hand gripping the back of Chris' head firmly as we devoured one another. I managed to flip us around so that Chris was beneath me, grinding our bodies together until his back was the one flat against the floor. He was just close enough to an end table to reach over his head and grasp the legs for support. It was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen.

"Hard," he added.

It didn't take me long after hearing that to strip off my jersey and track pants, nor did I have any trouble snatching the condom I knew was in Chris' wallet after pulling his jeans completely off his body and tossing them aside.

Balancing myself on one arm, I sucked two fingers into my mouth then reached down and ran them down Chris' crack, stopping to lightly toy with his hole.

"Front...right...pocket," he managed to gasp out. I gave him a look, trying to puzzle out what he was talking about as I reached for the jeans again. Fishing around, I came up with a small package of lube. What, had he been planning this? Planning a liaison in the dressing room maybe? In the bathroom of the restaurant. I smiled happily to myself--whatever the plan had been, I liked it.

"Good," I whispered aloud, jerking myself a couple times then sliding the condom on with the ease of long practice. I made sure I was fully coated with lubricant, then gently lifted Chris' knees. "Are you ready?"

"More than," he gasped, trying to hook a heel around my back to draw me forward. I laughed happily then nodded and supported Chris' hips as I slowly pushed myself inside.

"Oh fuck, it's been too long," I panted, struggling to hold myself still for a moment until Chris became accustomed to the penetration. Too long was measured in hours these days. No, minutes. I leaned forward and grazed Chris' nipples with my teeth, coaxing a long moan out of him.

"Please," he said, his cock beginning to stiffen again.

I ran my hands lightly up Chris' arms and twined my fingers with his around the legs of the end table. Then I began thrusting in earnest, slow & hard, throwing my head back and panting as the sensations began to overwhelm me.

"I can''re making me come...again," Chris managed to say before crying out as his second orgasm overtook him. His pelvic muscles tightened and I moaned as Chris' passage walls wrung my orgasm from me. I swear, I felt the prickle of tears at the corners of my eyes as I came.

I held my body rigid, then thrust one last time as my ejaculate filled the condom. A few moments later I collapsed against Chris' body and slipped out of him.

"Fuck, I needed that," I said quietly, giving Chris' cheek a tender kiss. "Thank you."

"Yeah, me too," he agreed, sliding his stiff legs down my body and laying them flat agains the carpet.

"We should get cleaned up," I said, somewhat reluctantly. All I wanted to do was stay right here, wrapped around him, for as long as he would let me.

Chris shook his head. "Just a few more minutes," he coaxed me. I was a real pushover on that one. He was silent for a moment, then tilted his chin upwards and captured my lips.

"Stay here tonight," mumbled Chris. I didn't say anything right away, just pushed myself to my feet and cleaned myself up a little, then offered Chris a hand. "Please?" he added, a bit louder.

I gave him a lopsided smile. "Of course," I said, helping him to his feet then pulling him into a hug again. Our legs, both of us, were too wobbly to stand for long. Leaving our clothes where they lay, strewn around the room, we stumbled to the bed and fell together on top of it.

I began running my hands over his sensitive skin. His body was becoming familiar to me; before it was my mind that had known him, known his secret places and pleasures, but now my body, too, knew him, knew where to go without conscious effort. With my eyes closed I traced his form and felt his hands doing the same to me.

"Joey," he said quietly, his voice calm and even now that our bodies had cooled off. His lips were so close to my ear I could feel the air brushing along it as he spoke. "I think we need to talk."

I winced. "Please Chris...not tonight."

"Why not?" he asked. His hands stopped moving on my body. Not a good sign.

"Because," I said. I could feel his body tensing and continued to stroke it, hoping to calm him. "I'm feeling really good and really dazed right now, and I don't think I can do justice to a serious conversation."

"Is that all?" he said suspiciously.

I was going to lie to him but I opened my eyes and looked at him and I just couldn't. "No," I admitted, "but I promise we'll talk tomorrow. Okay?"

"Okay," he agreed reluctantly. "I just want to say something though." He took a deep breath. "I'm tired of making like there isn't an us, Joey. There is an us. I know there is." I didn't say anything, and he sighed. "We'll talk tomorrow. Get some sleep."

I kissed his lips tenderly and reached up to stroke his hair. I still couldn't answer, but I hoped that was enough to tide him over until morning.

I think I was wrong before. People who are just fooling around don't worry about other people knowing what they do. It's people who are lovers who are the ones who try to keep it secret.

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