Something New
by Chris J

I kissed the back of Chris' neck softly, trying to draw him away from the computer and onto the bed again. He'd looked up at me as I came into the room, a little smile on his face, but stayed where he was, obviously waiting for me to come to him. Waiting for me to seduce him, maybe? Sure, we'd had sex earlier, but we were guys after all. And I had the feeling that this time was going to be a bit different than the last.

I laced my fingers with his, smiling goofily, and started backing away, taking him with me. "So you're lonely, huh?" I said, caressing the back of his hand with my thumb. "Wanna do something about that?"

He stumbled to his feet as I tugged at his hand, then began following me of his own free will. "I wasn't trying to get you to take me to bed, Joey," he said. He rolled his eyes, but he was grinning and I knew that was exactly what he was trying to do.

"Well," I said, letting go of his hand. "I guess we can just talk." I sat down on the edge of the bed and smiled at him innocently, folding my hands in my lap. "So ... how was your day, dear?"

He frowned at me. Well, he tried to frown, but it ended up looking far more like a pout. "Overall?" he said finally, actually answering me. "Not bad. Got a little work done, had a little crisis. So, wanna fuck?"

I grinned at him, then laughed. "Change of heart?" I teased, holding out my hand to him again and pulling him onto the bed with me. "And for your information, I would like to make love to you. Not fuck." He smiled and wrinkled his nose the way he always did when I said 'make love' that way, like he thought it was both cute and nauseating, simultaneously.

"Can we screw?" asked Chris, moving closer to me. "'Making love' makes it sound, like, waaaay mushier than it's gonna be. Making love isn't lustful ... or hard ... or raw ... "

"It can be," I argued, even though I secretly agreed with him. Wasn't there a word between the coarse 'fucking' and the tender 'making love' that would describe the combination of heat and caring between us when we had sex? Without an answer to that, I just shrugged and kissed him. "How about we just do it now and name it later?" I suggested.

Chris was already pushing down on my shoulders, flattening me against the bed then standing over me and palming my shirt up my chest, exposing my skin to him. He leaned over and licked my stomach, then grinned at me wordlessly. I pulled my shirt off and handed it to him, ready to submit to anything he wanted right now.

Turned out 'submit' was a good way to describe it. Chris efficiently stripped off the rest of my clothing along with his own, leaving it in an untidy heap on the floor, and straddled my body, planting his knees on either side of my thighs. He leaned forward and rested his palms on the fronts of my shoulders, effectively pinning me to the bed.

Then he winked at me and licked up the centre of my chest before sucking my nipple into his mouth and tonguing it roughly. He was leaning so far over me now I couldn't see his face and his hair was ticking my face. I smoothed it away with a hand as best I could and kissed the top of his head. He looked up and smiled, briefly, then leaned over and give my other nipple the same treatment.

"Tease," I muttered as he went back to the first again, still holding my shoulders down firmly. I hoped it wouldn't make him stop. "Let me touch you," I added in a low voice, pushing my shoulders up against his hands.

"Later," he said, looking up at me for a moment with that same fond smile on his face. "Now stay still." He leaned forward just a little more so his body was pressed against mine and licked at my throat. "Did you know?" he said conversationally between laps, "that some people can put a condom on with their mouth?"

"Is that a hint?" I asked, unable to touch him in the ways I wanted to. "Is that what you want me to do for you?"

"Just a comment," he said, smiling into my chest as he kissed it. "I thought I might do it to you, since you're gonna be the one wearing it." He snaked a hand down to finger my balls; a moment later I realized he was deliberately avoiding my cock, other than the pressure he was putting on it with his torso, and I cursed him silently.

"Wait," I said, trying to keep my voice quiet. "I thought you were gonna ... I mean, you're on ... " I somehow expected him to answer questions I hadn't entirely asked.

"It was your idea, really," he said, sitting up a little so that he could start slowly stroking my erection with his fingers. "Or maybe just your suggestion." He grinned at me then, and I couldn't read what he was thinking which, really, was damn frustrating because that meant I didn't know what he was going to do next.

"What was?" I asked, closing my eyes for a moment and moaning softly as he gripped my erection and began stroking in earnest. Chris' hands always felt so soft on my body. So warm.

"Riding you," he said, as though the answer should have been obvious. From the devious little smile on his face, though, I knew he'd been pleased he surprised me. I moaned again as he continued to stroke me, almost teasingly. The very thought of Chris on top of me, riding me, staring at me with those big brown eyes, those soft lips hanging open ... it sent little shocks through my body.

"Okay," I managed to say, struggling to thrust up against him.

"You want me to try that condom trick?" he asked. What occurred to me -- before even the answer to that question came to mind -- was how fucking calm Chris was right now. How in control.

"If you put your mouth on my cock," I was forced to admit a moment later, much as I hated to, "I'm going to come."

"Next time, then," said Chris agreeably, letting go of my cock for a moment and straining his body to grab one of the condoms we kept in the night table. I would have done it for him, but my body was already a little limp, all my energy focused in my groin. "We'll have to do this the traditional way." As if there was anything traditional about what we did together.

He ripped the package open with his teeth and spit it out onto the floor, quickly rolling the condom onto me. I think he realized that any further teasing might make this over a little more quickly than either of us would have liked. He coated it with lubricant -- again, quickly -- then dropped the tube to the floor with our clothes.

Chris leaned forward then and kissed me gently, stroking my forehead with his thumb. It was his way of asking if I was ready -- a question I really should have been asking him -- and I nodded. Nodded and kissed him back, cupping the back of his head with my hands and keeping him there until we were both satisfied. He gave me a broad grin before leaning back again.

Carefully, he poised himself over my cock before lowering himself onto it, closing his eyes and gripping my waist with white-knuckled fingers. "You okay?" I whispered and he just nodded. When I was all the way in, or he was all the way on, he let out a long sigh and opened his eyes, then smiled at me. I reached up to touch him, to caress his chest and sides and feel like this was doing something for him, too. Which clearly it was -- Chris' cock was hard and jutting out from him, demanding attention.

As soon as I wrapped my hand around it he gasped and began rocking back against me. And oh God it felt good. "Joe," he said, moaning out my name, moving faster. He lifted himself up, once, and plunged back down onto me. I almost shouted, it felt so amazing. I tried to pump him in time with my thrusts into him, but both our rhythms were erratic.

He still gripped my waist and hips tightly, and I used my free hand to reach up and pinch gently at his sensitive nipples. He moaned my name again. Some days I swear I could almost come just from that, but I didn't, not this time. What made me come this time was Chris crying out as he spurted on my hand and chest, plunging back hard on my cock and tightening up to the point where I almost didn't think I could take it.

I closed my eyes as my mouth dropped open, finally able to thrust up against him as his hands fell slack at my waist. A moment later he tumbled over onto me, my cock slowly slipping out of his ass. I summoned up just enough energy to pull off the condom and drop it in the trash before tangling myself up with him as we both struggled to catch our breath.

I curled Chris' damp hair around his ear as we lay there, limbs entwined, bodies cooling as the sweat evaporated from our skin.

"So," I said teasingly, a short while later. "Was that screwing, or making love?"

"Joey," said Chris, rolling his eyes. "We fucked." Then he nipped at my nose and grinned at me. "Now we're making love."

I smiled back. I almost laughed, but I was afraid the abrupt sound would ruin the moment. "Okay," I said finally, softly. "I can live with that."

I couldn't really imagine not being aroused by Chris' body anymore, but our nakedness was also comfortable. It was really just not an issue anymore when we were alone. My hand stroked over his shoulder, down his back, over the swell of his ass -- and with us lying there, basking in the afterglow, it just wasn't about the sex.

"We're back on the road tomorrow," murmured Chris, his lips against the skin just behind my ear. "Early."

"I knew this couldn't last," I joked, my fingers trailing over his skin lightly. "They need to get us a bus with bigger bunks." I poked his side when he laughed at me. "I mean it. There's not enough room for two people to sleep in one of those things, not without someone having a backache the next day." I poked him again, for good measure. "And I don't like sleeping alone."

He just curled up closer to me. "Neither do I," he admitted, "but, that's not why I brought it up."

"Why, then?" I asked him, my fingers resuming their gentle motions over his skin, sliding slickly through a patch of moisture at the small of his back.

"We'll be in Pittsburgh in a few days," he said, kissing my neck then pulling away a little so he could look at my face. "We're doing two concerts there."

"Yeah, I knew that," I said. I wasn't the guy who was on top of the schedule or anything, but I had a general idea of where we were gonna be for the next week or so, and when the "big" shit was happening.

"My family'll be at the show," Chris went on, giving me a sleepy-eyed, duh look when I didn't catch on to that. But geez, I was still sex-buzzed, so it was hardly my fault that I wasn't thinking about Chris' mother at the moment. "We should go out to dinner with them, after the show."

"How much of your family?" I asked warily, remember the last time all of us had visited the Kirkpatrick Gaggle O' Girls. Justin had reveled in the attention, but Lance had slunk away into a corner under the onslaught. I ran my hand through Chris' hair and made him look me in the eye as he answered.

"Just mom and Katie," he said, laughing at my expression and nipping at my nose again. "But we'll have to visit them all as soon as this tour is over. They'll never ever forgive me if we don't. 'Never ever never' is what Taylor told me last time I talked to her."

I grinned at him. Taylor got bigger and bigger every time we saw her, but she always played up being the youngest. Probably always would. God knows I did, and there were only three in my family. Katie, though, had grown into a beautiful woman. She was close to my age, more or less, so these last few years we'd grown up together, from awkward high-school students to relatively confident adults.

"Is this going to be a coming out dinner?" I had to ask him before I gave my answer.

"Hell, no," he said, giving me another look like he couldn't believe I was asking. "I'm pushing 30, Joey. My family have known who I date for a long, long time." He paused and pulled me closer again, pressing his face to my neck. "They don't know about you yet, though."

"Do they even know that you and Dani broke up?"

He smiled; I could feel it. "My mom was the first person I told, Joey. She looks out for me. So ... dinner?" He lifted his face for a moment to catch my expression. "We can clue in the two more mature members of my family?"

I wondered briefly what Molly would think if she heard Chris say that. Then I realized that she probably had -- Chris wasn't shy with the teasing, most of the time. "Okay," I agreed.

Really, once Chris had assured me that it was not a coming out dinner, my saying yes was pretty much a foregone conclusion. And if it had been a coming out dinner? Well, I felt pretty strongly that that was something that someone needed to do by themselves. I mean, I'd have been there, afterwards, for better or for worse, but me being there during would've just been an unnecessary complication.

Thankfully, it wasn't an issue at all.

"Good," said Chris, regaining a bit of his energy now. "She likes you anyway."

"Your mother is indifferent to me," I argued, knowing full well that wasn't true. "Now Katie, she likes me. I'm glad it's gonna be her."

"Would you have come?" Chris asked suddenly. "If it had been all of them, I mean?"

I put my hand on the back of Chris' head and gently pushed him back towards my neck, running my fingers through his hair as I did. "Of course," I said. "Your family's great. They're just ... "

"Overwhelming," finished Chris, pressing a kiss to the underside of my chin. "I know. Half of me's glad I left home when I did, the other half is kinda sorry I missed the bulk of the chaos."

"I can only imagine what kind of chaos it would have been if you'd been there," I teased him, still playing with his hair. "You bring chaos wherever you go."

"You like it," he said. This time it was a pout I could feel against my neck and I worried he'd taken me too seriously, but then I felt him kissing it, felt him sucking lightly at my Adam's apple. Felt him trailing his tongue towards my chest.

"I do," I admitted, smiling down at him. "I'm guessing this conversation is over?" His first reply was a kiss to the hollow of my throat. His second was to run his tongue over my nipple. It wasn't until his third reply that I actually got words.

"I'll call her tomorrow," he said. "Right now, I can think of other things I'd like to be doing." I had to laugh, a little, first because Chris's hair tickled me as he kissed and sucked at my chest and second, because it was so ... Chris.

"You have the libido of a nineteen-year-old," I accused him. I shouldn't have been talking, though, because I was already hard. I'd gotten hard around the time he first started kissing my neck. "You have the libido of Justin."

He grinned at me. "You like it," he repeated.

"I do."

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