07: peach, stonehenge

by Chris J

Joey pranced around the room to the sounds of 'I Will Survive', belting out a line every so often and holding outfits up to himself in the mirror before discarding them onto the bed.

"New town, new clubs, new meat market," he said under his breath as he threw another rejected pair of pants onto the bed. "I love London. London has the best clubs. Chris, do these make my ass look big?" He held the pants up to himself and frowned slightly "Just turn around now...you're not welcome anymore!" he sang out suddenly.

"Do you have that fucking song on repeat again?" scowled Justin as he walked into the room. He looked Joey up and down. "Don't wear those. They make you look fat." He turned away again and started talking to Chris. "What do you want to do tonight?"

"I'm gonna stay in," said Chris. "Unlike some people." He turned and gave Joey a significant look, but the other man was already back in his closet looking for something to wear. "We leave early tomorrow for that photo shoot at Stonehenge. I don't need to be showing up in any magazine with bags under my eyes and stubble on my face."

"I'll shave on the bus," said Joey, holding a black and peach striped shirt up to his chest as the song started up again. "I won't forget this time. What do you think of this?" he asked the two of them, turning and modeling the shirt for them as best he could, considering it was still on the hanger.

"Joey," said Justin, quite seriously. "If you want to get laid tonight, you're going to have to wear something much tighter than that."

Joey frowned into the mirror, then nodded. "You're right. God, I haven't been fucked in weeks. Even you guys are starting to look good." He swirled around again and smiled. "What do you say, Justin? Just one night? I bet you're a great top." He winked as Justin rolled his eyes.

"Not even if you were buck naked, bent over my desk and I hadn't gotten laid in a year," said Justin. "Sorry, Joe, you're just not my type."

"Damn, and I was so looking forward to wrapping my hands in that fro of yours," said Joey, tossing the shirt carelessly on the bed. "What about this?" He held up a white T-shirt that looked about two sizes too small. "Would you do me if I wore this?"

"Yeah, that's the stuff," said Justin, nodded his approval. "I still wouldn't do you, though. And Joey, for the love of God, turn this damn song off!"

"Hell, I'd do you," said Chris, whistling. "Damn, Joey, put that thing on."

Joey pulled the T-shirt on over his bare chest and smoothed out the fabric, singing, "I...I will survive...Okay, yeah, this works. Now pants..."

"I'm outta here," said Justin as Joey stepped back into the closet again. "I'm gonna see if Josh wants to go out tonight. Don't forget to tell him to turn Queen Josephine off before he goes," he added, nodding towards the closet. "There's still press downstairs."

"Will do," said Chris as Justin left the room again. A few moments later, Joey stepped out of the closet looking like he'd poured himself into a pair of black leather pants. He twirled around for his friend, letting him assess the outfit. "You're gonna get some," he said. "That's for sure."

"That's the idea," said Joey, looking at himself in the mirror one last time. "Okay, I'm heading out now. I'll see you in the morning, Chris. Don't wait up!"

Chris grinned. "I never do," he said. "Grab a jacket before you go, Joey." When Joey raised an eyebrow, he added. "Press."

Joey nodded and grabbed his coat from a hook near the door. He winked at Chris one last time and blew him a kiss, then left, singing "I've got all my life to live, and I've got all my love to give, and I'll survive. I will survive! Hey, hey!"

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