08: tonight show, hello kitty, leather

by Chris J

Joey picked up the remote control and stabbed the off button, throwing it across the room when the television fell silent. He didn't want to watch the stupid Tonight Show anymore and he didn't want to hear about some stupid eight-year-old with a ten word vocabulary and the world's largest fucking Hello Kitty collection and he didn't want to hear any more fucking celebrities talk about their stupid fucking lives.

He already knew way too much about all that shit.

But, for a while there, it had been better than hearing the sounds from next door--the moans, the gasps, the creaking bedsprings--and knowing for a fact that his lover was with somene else. Former lover. He was another casualty in their endless game of musical bandmates.

First it was Justin and JC, then JC had moved on to Lance, then Justin had taken up with Lance and it had been Joey and JC for a while. After that it was Joey and Lance, and Justin and JC again, and then it was Joey and Chris. He wished it was still him and Chris. But even now he could hear the low drawn out moans that he knew so well being emitted for someone else.

For fucking Lance, of all people. The guy he'd left to be with Chris.

Joey hated these times when he was the odd man out, when the other four had paired off and he was left waiting for someone to break up before he had a bedmate again. And why the fuck hadn't they had the forethought to have six members of NSync, anyway? With a resigned sigh, he crossed the room to retrieve the remote control, shook it, and turned the television back on.

Even the Hello Kitty girl was better than listening to Chris and Lance have sex. And no, he wouldn't call it making love. That was what he and Chris had done, and in his head, that was how it was going to remain.

It wasn't like he didn't like Lance, either. Lance was a great guy, and great in bed...but the moment Chris had told him that he was going to start sleeping with Lance instead of him, he'd become the enemy.

He sat down on the couch and started flipping channels trying to find something--anything--that he could bear to watch right now. He almost didn't hear the knock at the door over the sounds of the car chase on the television and the creaking leather beneath him as he tried in vain to make himself comfortable.

"It's open," he said, then cleared his throat, wondering why his voice had suddenly become so rough. His eyes remained on the television. "Justin...Josh...whichever one of you that it you'd better have brought me a drink. A stiff one."

"It's me."

Joey's head turned, the TV forgotten. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "I thought you were..."

Lance shook his head. "We're not...I mean we are...but not at the moment..." He shook his head again. "This is coming out all wrong. Can I talk to you for a sec?"

Joey sighed and shrugged. "Whatever. It's not like I have anything better to do."

"You might when I'm done talking," said Lance, moving in closer.

Joey frowned. "What do you mean? Don't tell me that you and Chris broke up already--it's only been three days."

Lance shook his head. "We didn't," he confirmed. "But...he misses you, Joey. And I miss you. And we thought maybe..."

"Thought maybe what? That we could all go out and have dinner together or some shit like that? Fuck, Lance...I'm not ready for all this make-up shit yet..."

"That's not what I meant," he said, beginning to become flustered. "When you and Chris started, Joey, I never stopped wanting you. And I know that Chris still wants you, too. I mean...I know none of us have ever done it like this before, but...hell, am I making any sense yet?"

Joey hesitated. "You're starting to..."

"Why can't the three of us try and make a go of it, Joey? I mean...if you want to. If you want us, too." Lance stopped then, realizing he'd finally said what he'd come here to say, asked what he'd come here to ask. And now all he could do was wait.

Joey was worryingly still for a long while, then slowly nodded. "You're serious?" he asked. "You're not just fucking with me?"

"I wouldn't do that," he said quietly. "Neither would Chris. So...do you want this? Do you want to try? Chris...he's waiting back in our room. Waiting for me to come back with you. It's what we want, Joey. For real."

Slowly, Joey picked up the remote control one last time and silenced the television. "Let's go," he said.

The doorway to the other hotel room was open, the inside of the room dark. Joey stepped through while Lance hung back in the hallway for a moment. "Lance?" came Chris' anxious voice from the darkness. "How did it go?"

"It's not Lance," said Joey, his voice clear and quiet. "It's me."

"Joey?" said Chris, the hope in his voice rising. "You came."

Joey flipped on the lightswitch and grinned slyly at his once-again-lover. "Well, not yet, but I understand that's the plan."

A slow smile spread across Chris' face, then Joey felt a pair of lips touch the back of his neck, a pair of hands snake around his waist. Lance had come inside, and suddenly the room was dark again. "Close the door," said Chris, moving towards the bed. Lance released Joey and pushed the door closed, then took his hand and led him, too, towards the bed.

"No one has to be lonely anymore," whispered Lance in his ear as he tugged Joey's shirt out of his waistband and ran a hand up Joey's back. He hurried to unbutton the shirt himself, but let Lance strip it off him and drop it to the floor.

Then, suddenly, Chris was sitting on the bed in front of him, his clothes long since cast aside, his hands busy unbuttoning Joey's jeans. Lance kissed his throat again, on both sides, then tongued the tender spot between his shoulderblades that had always driven him so crazy. His jeans were soon around his ankles' his boxers followed.

He kicked them away and reached for the lover in front of him, tangling his fingers in Chris' hair as the other man kissed his stomach, then his hips, then the tip of the erection that was jutting out in front of him. Lance's lips were at the small of his back now, and he gasped as he realized his other lover intended to go down even further.

"I can't stand up," he whispered as he began to feel his knees buckling. "I can't--" Chris moved away from him and Joey let out a short moan of disappointment until he realized that Chris was drawing him onto the bed, onto him.

Chris moved back, almost up to the mound of pillows, and Joey knelt over him as Chris began licking and sucking at his cock again. It had only been three days, but it had felt like an eternity to him, and eternity of having to listen to everyone else being happy and not feeling it himself. Soon, Lance was behind him again, his hand on Joey's hips, kissing his bare flesh.

He suddenly felt a warm, wet finger pushing at his hole, and gasped as it slid inside him. They knew. They both knew what would push him over the edge quicker than anything. Chris lips and tongue were all over, but he had yet to slide Joey's cock into his mouth, into his throat. A second finger entered him and Joey could feel pleasure exploding inside his head.

He wanted so badly to ask Lance to fuck him, but the words wouldn't come, and the only sounds he could made were gasps and moans and harsh exhalations of breath. He didn't need to ask. A few moments later, as though they'd choreographed it before they'd ever come to him, Lance's cock pushed inside him and Chris took him into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks and sucking him hard.

It was almost too much to take. He knew he cried out, and he thought he might have called someone's name, maybe both their names, but all he really remembered after that was being fucked and being sucked and coming so hard he thought he might never recover.

Lance's fingernails bit into Joey's flesh as he came inside him and collapsed against his back, catching his breath before slipping out and rolling to the side so he could see both of his lovers. Joey's eyes were closed, his lips parted, and Lance couldn't help but kiss him and Chris' lips slipped off his cock and he moved further up the bed again.

A moment later, Joey fell against the bed, Lance on one side of him and Chris now on the other. "Oh my god," he said. Those were the only words that remained in his head as his whole body tingled in the afterglow of his orgasm. He slowly opened his eyes, first turning to Lance and kissing him gently, then turning to Chris and smiling lazily.

"That was amazing," breathed Lance against his neck. Joey nodded and leaned forward to kiss Chris, first on the forehead, then on his reddened, wet lips. Chris smiled back at him, his eyes shining. It was a light he hadn't really seen in them before; the bliss of total fulfillment. He wondered if he looked the same, because he certainly felt it.

He let his finger trace down Chris' side and over his waist, to where his still-hard cock poked out. "It looks like we have a long night ahead of us," he said with a tender smile, tracing up and down Chris' cock with his fingertip.

"And many, many more," said Chris contentedly as they started all over again.

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