13: gallstones, Korn, road work

by Chris J

Chris sat back on the couch and rested his fingertips again the back of Joey's neck, gently brushing the soft hairs there. His eyes drifted between the television and his lover's face as Joey slowly flipped through the channels. There was nothing on--nothing--but Joey wasn't in the mood tonight so he was stuck searching for some other kind of entertainment.

"...that was the Spice Girls' latest, and coming up next...Korn!"

"Change it, Joe," he said, closing his eyes to block out the television.

Joey obediently flipped the channel a few more times before pausing to watch his favorite Budweiser commercial and laughing heartily. Chris continued stroking the back of his neck, then slipped under the collar of Joey's shirt to touch his shoulder lightly.

**"Oh God, Josh! Yes! Yes! Yes!"**

Joey frowned and banged on the wall. "Shut the fuck up!" he said for the fifth time that night.

Chris rolled his eyes and slipped his fingers out from under Joey's shirt. Joey began flipping through the channels again, hardly having noticed he was there in the first place.

"...and once they suction out the rest of this blood, you'll just be able to see the gallstones..."

"Change it," said Chris again, sighing. He moved his hand down to Joey's thigh and just let it rest there as he averted his eyes from the televised operation.

"This is good stuff, Chris," argued Joey. "The show the coolest operations on here sometimes. Well, except the time they showed that vasectomy..."

"Operations are so not cool, Joey," said Chris, moving his hand further up his thigh. "Can you find something else? Please?"

**"Justin! Oh God, don't stop!"**

Joey banged on the wall again, harder. "For Christ's sake, guys!" he yelled out.

Chris groaned as Joey jerked away from his hand again, and put it up on the back of the couch. Again. Funny how other people having sex was ruining his chances tonight...not that his chances had been all that great in the first place. He was almost ready to bang on the wall himself.

Or bang the wall, if it came to that.

Joey began flipping channels again, completely oblivious to the torment he was putting his lover through.

"...oh god, Martin, if we can't get through this road work quickly, we'll be too late to save the kids!"

Chris groaned. The saddest thing was, the movie-of-the-week that they'd just stumbled onto was the best thing yet. He began playing with Joey's hair again. Even if it didn't lead to anything--and god, he hoped it would lead to something--it felt nice enough.

**"Oh Lance, that feels so good, that feels so right!"**

Chris and Joey looked at one another. Lance??

Joey opened his mouth to say something, then snapped it shut again, his eyes locked with Chris'. He didn't even bang on the wall this time.

**"Yeah, Josh, harder!"**

**"Oh Justin, you're so damn tight!**

**"Yes, Lance, yes!"**

Joey cleared his throat. "All of them?" he said weakly. "Wow, that's kinda...kinky..."

Chris recognized that smoldering look in Joey's eyes and cheered inwardly. "Yeah," he said, grinning slyly as he slipped his fingers under Joey's shirt again. "It is."

Joey returned the grin. "I'm getting a little sick of TV," he said, laying a hand on Chris' leg. "Do you think maybe we could...?"

Chris picked up the remote control and flipped the television off. "It's about damn time."

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