24: tunisia, uncompromising

by Chris J

Joey leaned back and tangled his fingers in JC's hair as his lover stared at the screen in rapt fascination. It was as though this was the first time they'd seen the movie. Or even the tenth. But each time JC sat there with his eyes glued to the screen and forgot about anything else around him. Joey sighed and traced patterns on his neck idly, wondering how long until it was over, knowing it was at least an hour.

"Did you know that the Milennium Falcon was modeled after a hamburger or something?" said JC, not even turning his head, not responding to the gentle caresses.

"Yeah, I think you told me that," said Joey idly, pulling his hand away and resting it on JC's thigh. He knew it wasn't going to get much of a response, but at least it was more comfortable there. He flexed his fingers, then lay them back again.

"And you want to know something else weird?" said JC, his voice hushed, leaning towards the television.

Joey didn't have to respond; he knew he was going to hear it regardless. It wasn't that he didn't love JC--he did, he really did--but the boy was utterly uncompromising when it came to doing what he wanted to do. Joey suggested going out with the rest of the guys to the movies, but JC had wanted to watch Star Wars again and what JC wanted, he got. Somehow.

"Burt Reynolds was supposed to play Han Solo. I mean, how fucked up is that?"

Joey shrugged. "He was popular back then," he said, non-committally. "It was a long time ago."

"Oh, shhh, this is the good part," said JC, slapping a hand over Joey's mouth, lightly. Joey just raised his eyebrows and pulled his hand off JC's leg; JC hardly seemed to notice.

"Maybe after this we can go down to the lounge?" he asked when JC's hand fell away. "Maybe get a drink or something?"

"Oh, well, I figured we were gonna do a marathon," said JC. "Watch all three movies in a row. Remember last time we did that?"

He did. It had only been a month ago. He would have argued, but he knew that tone. It meant that JC was going to be watching the movies whether he was with him or not. And if he wasn't with him, things were going to be intolerable between them for a long while until JC forgave him.

"Hey, did you know that all the Tattooine scenes were filmed in Tunisia?" asked JC excitedly, looking at what seemed to be just endless sand dunes.

"Yes, yes I knew that," said Joey. A moment later, he stretched and stood up. "I need to step out for a second," he said. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Okay," said JC, his eyes barely flicking up. "Be back in time for the end. You wouldn't want to miss it."

"Of course not," said Joey, slipping out the door quickly and breathing a sigh of relief. JC wouldn't come looking for him, not when he was so engrossed in the movie. Looking back just once, he dashed down the hall quickly and knocked on a door, hoping that the rest of the guys were already back.

Chris opened the door, and smiled when he saw Joey standing there. "What's up?" he said.

"I have half an hour," he said urgently, leaning against the doorframe. "You up for it?"

Chris grabbed his shirt and pulled him inside, shutting the door behind them. "I'll take what I can get," he said, kissing him deeply and pulling him towards the bed.

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