Garden Party

by Chris J

Nick's hand curled around Justin's arm tightly, unnoticed in the crush of people around them. It hurt a little, but the good kind of hurt. The real kind of hurt. "Timberlake," he said, so close Justin could feel Nick's breath on his ear. "We're going outside. Now."

"Yeah, cause that's just what I want to do with you, Carter," Justin spat back, feeling a tingle of anticipation start to build inside him. "Don't you have anything better to do than molest people in a crowd?"

"No," said Nick, his teeth closing on Justin's earlobe for a moment that was far too short. They were jostled as the crowd around them shifted, Nick pressing into his side and not moving away even when a space opened up beside him. "Unlike some people, I don't enjoy going around acting virginal and making small talk with strangers."

"Then why are you?" asked Justin, shoving back without turning his head, and getting even closer to him. There were still too many people around to notice they were even near each other, let alone pressed up groin to leg, chest to arm, face to ear.

"This talk," said Nick, his voice dropping, "is anything but small."

"Then I suppose your talk is making up for other inadequacies, then," said Justin with feigned innocence, shoving his hip against Nick's groin. "Too bad you aren't better at it."

"That's it," growled Nick. His grip tightened on Justin's arm and he pulled. "Outside. Or I'm moving on."

Justin knew it was time to stop playing, because Nick would move on, if he had to, and it would be another couple months before they were in the same place at the same time so they could do it all over again. And it wasn't like Justin had any better prospects lined up tonight either.

Nick tugged him again, and they wove through the press of bodies to the back doors and out. The area was forbidden to guests, but that had never stopped them before.

"Hot night," said Justin, and didn't intend any of the layers of meaning this his voice added to that statement. That was all his subconscious.

"The bench or the railing?" asked Nick, looking around the dark yard, his hand still unnecessarily clenched around Justin's forearm. "Or the grass, if you aren't afraid of getting a little dirty. Are you afraid of getting a little dirty, Timberlake?"

"You're such a romantic," muttered Justin, not expecting anything less from him. "And shouldn't I be asking you that question?" He slapped Nick's ass and waited for the inevitable, knowing smirk to cross his face.

"We have ten minutes before we're missed," said Nick a moment later, as though Justin didn't already know that. As though it weren't actually five minutes, and ten was stretching it to the point where there might be search parties. "How about you just blow me?"

"How about you just blow me?" retorted Justin, and grabbed his crotch lewdly as the same time as he used his still-captive arm to tug Nick to the side, away from the path and the lights from the door.

"Cause I'd hate to let those perfect cocksucking lips go to waste." Nick tugged them even further, into the shadows of a low, dense tree growing near the fenceline. Then he finally let go and stared at him challengingly.

"Well?" said Justin, staring down at his obvious erection expectantly. "Like you said, wouldn't want to let a set of cocksucking lips go to waste. Or that fucking tongue of yours, either." Nick glared at him, then dropped to his knees on the grass like Justin had known he would. They both knew that was what Nick wanted in the first place.

He didn't have to say anything else after that, once Nick was well on his way to getting into his pants, just had to scowl down at him when he looked up and blow him a kiss. Nick's lips were warm and soft and yielding, and he knew exactly what to do with them.

"Fucker," whispered Justin, and knew better than to make any other sound when they were out here. He just curled his fist in Nick's hair and pulled, enough to be felt, not enough to make him stop.

"Justin?" the voice called out the back door, and he could tell from the way Nick's body stilled that they both recognized it.

"Not even five minutes," he murmured with an almost inaudible groan.

"Well, fuck," mumbled Nick, the vibrations in his throat as he spoke sending an unexpected shock through Justin's body. They were both still until they heard the door close again, then Nick frantically scrambled to get into his own pants, too.

He sucked Justin hard, with the enthusiasm Justin had come to know would make any hook-up with him worthwhile, and began jerking himself off at the same time, leaning forward so he would spill on the ground when he came and no one would be the wiser.

Justin didn't make a sound as he came, just gripped tighter and clenched his jaw and let the sensation hit him. Nick keep on suckling at him as he jerked himself off furiously, finally coming and letting out a long strangled moan as he did.

As soon as his lips slid off Justin's cock, Justin yanked him to his feet and they both spent a few precious moments tucking themselves back in and zipping up and making sure they didn't look as freshly fucked as they felt. Justin leaned in and licked Nick's lips clean.

"Catch you later, Carter," he said as he backed away and straightened his shirt one last time

"You'd better," said Nick, right when Justin turned his back to him and started for the door. Alone. "You fucking owe me one."

Justin smiled and went back inside.

Because everyone needs a little Juni in their life. October 28, 2001

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