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    Note: This site serves mostly as an archive for my work up to 2008. For anything newer, please visit my Livejournal index (Supernatural, CW RPF, American Idol RPF, Kris Allen Band RPF, Leverage, and others), or my AO3 page (Yuletide stories, Eureka, NCIS LA, and others).

    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Philosophy for a Most Excellent New World (Socrates/Billy the Kid)
    socrates revises his worldview after meeting a most extraordinary man named billy
    01jan07, 1451 words

    Bon Cop Bad Cop

    Plus ša change (David/Martin)
    martin's montreal vacation takes a turn for the strange
    01jan08, 3929 words, adult

    Corner Gas

    The Last Saskatchewan Gentleman (Hank, Wanda, Brent)
    hank and wanda take shelter from a storm. possibly. depending on who you ask
    01jan08, 2438 words

    Dead Like Me

    Bedtime Story (with Strawberries and Cream) (Roxy, Daisy, Reggie)
    reggie gets a christmas gift, even if she doesn't know it
    01jan06, 1913 words

    due South

    Big Red Noses (Fraser, RayK)
    12apr07, 481 words

    Korman - Don't Care High

    Formerly Known As (Paul/Sheldon, ensemble)
    a new year, a new scheme, a new relationship and a whole new don carey high
    01jan09, 19,000 words

    Korman - Son of Interflux

    Menagerie: Mixed Media in Epoxy (Simon, Phil, Sam)
    one last hurrah for antiflux, as conceived by phil baldwin
    01jan08, 1347 words

    Lord of the Rings

    Where the dead things are (Merry, Pippin)
    a moment in moria
    02mar04, 805 words

    Mambo Italiano

    You Mixed Up Siciliano (Angelo, Nino)
    nino gets tired of the lies, especially the ones to himself
    01jan09, 1500 words

    Rebel Without a Cause

    Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair (Jim/Plato)
    twelve years on, if plato were still around
    01jan08, 1070 words

    Shakespeare - Hamlet

    Before the end of all things (Hamlet, Ophelia)
    a timeless story is one told again and again
    01jan08, 1084 words

    Shaun of the Dead

    Monologue (Shaun, Ed)
    12apr07, 303 words

    Slings & Arrows

    Ingenue (Geoffrey/Kate)
    it's like being back in the New Burbage of seven years ago, and all that's changed are the parts people play
    01jan09, 1200 words

    No Place Like Home (Geoffrey, Richard)
    you can go home again, but you have to find it first
    01sep07, 6669 words

    The Zeldenthuis Incident (Geoffrey, Darren)
    a parasol, a cane, and a pair of theatre geeks
    01jan07, 945 words

    Sons of Anarchy

    The Art of Stealing Souls (Gemma)
    a life told in photographs
    01jan09, 1200 words

    Twin Peaks

    Otis Redmund's Great Whopper (Cooper/Truman)
    there's nothing quite so good for the soul as an afternoon of fishing
    01jan05, 1693 words

    Once and Future King (Cooper/Rosenfield)
    four years later, cooper returns to twin peaks
    01jan04, 3785 words

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