lies the fellowship told me - lotrps fiction by cj

Playing in a new sandbox. (Sadly, long after many of the cool kids have moved on, but being late to a party just makes you... early for the next one.) A change of scenery is, after all, good for the soul. Disclaimer: These stories are fictional, they're not real, they're made up, I don't know any of the parties involved and don't expect I ever will. Newest story at the top.

Other People's Children (Viggo/Sean)
12jul04, 259 words

Family (Viggo/Sean)
11jul04, 2012 words

Stasis (Viggo/Sean)
11jul04, 1121 words

Reach (Viggo/Sean)
10jul04, 887 words

Less travelled (Viggo/Sean)
9jul04, 1619 words

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