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    Latest Update - 17feb08

    A sigh, a cry, a hungry kiss (Lucius/Sirius, adult content)
    Tongues and Tales (Frank/Alice, adult content)


    Contains both stories taking place after the events of Deathly Hallows, and earlier stories positing a different end to the war.

    Cartography for the Recently Bereaved (Charlie/Tonks)
    charlie needs to find a way home, and tonks is there to show him
    02aug06, 4588 words, adult content

    Forget (Neville/Snape)
    snape and neville take very different paths after the war
    23apr06, 6411 words

    The Other Dead (Charlie Weasley)
    witches and wizards were not the only victims of the war with voldemort
    05apr06, 2395 words

    These Walls, These Days (Minerva McGonagall)
    minerva mcgonagall has survived three wars so far
    27mar06, 1407 words

    Iskay Siki (Zacharias Smith, OC)
    a home and a life are not the same thing
    28feb06, 4063 words, very loosely a prequel to Djet and Neheh

    Samuel Goyle's Monster (Gregory Goyle)
    goyle would do anything for the dark lord
    08feb06, 1214 words

    Conjugal (Harry/Draco)
    a conjugal visit to azkaban
    28jan06, 788 words, adult content

    When the Window Again Opens (Dean Thomas)
    friendship, takeaway and the painting of demons
    25jan06, 3881 words

    First, Last, Only (Sirius/Remus, Lucius/Narcissa)
    sirius always keeps his promises
    22jan06, 2296 words, adult content

    All of Us Immortal (Snape/Lucius)
    azkaban, and beyond
    03jan06, 3133 words, adult content

    Running, the Asylum (Harry/Draco)
    immediately after the war
    23dec05, 500 words

    Djet and Neheh (Neville/Bill)
    neville in egypt, after the war. djet and neheh = forever and ever
    03jul05, 12345 words, adult content

    Helheim (Malfoy family)
    the malfoy family, after the second war
    25apr05, 745 words

    Tea In Florence (Harry/Draco)
    after hogwarts, after the war, in a small open air cafe
    01mar05, 2066 words

    Oasis (Remus/Bill)
    what happens to a relationship of convenience when the war ends
    22dec04, 5647 words, adult content

    In the afterwards (Harry/Draco)
    what harry's life has really been leading to
    18aug04, 728 words

    Late Hogwarts - after Voldemort's return

    The War At Home (Millicent, Blaise, Pansy, Theodore, Draco)
    slytherin house, at the start of the second war, where ambition takes many forms
    28apr06, 1924 words

    Found Object (Remus/Draco)
    some things you find in the forest are worth keeping
    09apr06, 10417 words, adult content

    The Body Electric (Millicent)
    millicent wants it all
    29nov05, 500 words, adult content, Millicent-centric story 1/20.

    Pixie Fingers (Harry/Draco)
    i promise not to ask "is it in yet?" anymore
    05sept05, 1460 words, adult content

    One-oh-three-nine (Sirius/James, Harry)
    these are the records of hogwarts wrongdoers...
    02aug05, 1099 words, adult content

    The Wheel of Fortune (Harry/Draco)
    sixth year, and the more things stay the same, the more they change
    17jun05, 33416 words, adult content

    Two hundred thirty-two seconds (Harry/Draco)
    four minutes before the class arrives
    04apr05, 539 words, adult

    Words and Deeds (Harry/Draco)
    harry and draco and an inconvenient war
    28mar05, 1715 words

    Anticlockwise (Remus/Sirius)
    two moments in a relationship, fifteen years apart
    24oct04, 4674 words, adult content

    An Informal Education (Remus/Sirius, Harry/Ron)
    how harry learns the things that matter
    10oct04, 1240 words

    the best pranks never, ever die
    10sep04, 1734 words

    Early Hogwarts - before Voldemort's return

    An Informal Education (Remus/Sirius, Harry/Ron)
    how harry learns the things that matter
    10oct04, 1240 words

    Marauders Era / First War

    A sigh, a cry, a hungry kiss (Lucius/Sirius)
    sirius finds an engagement party to be less of an ordeal than he might have expected
    09dec07, 3154 words, adult content

    Sliver of Doubt (James/Narcissa)
    all james is looking for is the truth, even if it's not his truth to have
    09apr06, 3051 words, adult content

    A Betting Man (Lily/Sirius/James)
    sirius wonders who really won the game
    01nov05, 1668 words, adult content

    Bend (Sirius/James)
    james potter had a way of always getting what he wanted
    30oct05, 2298 words, adult content

    The Dreamland Tree (James/Lily)
    lily and james potter defied voldemort three times. this is one of them
    24feb05, 2572 words

    Xanadu (Lucius, Severus)
    lucius malfoy, 1981, the early hours of november 1
    13feb05, 2003 words

    Drown Ophelia (Remus/Sirius)
    a surreal afternoon in july of 1981. things falling apart
    25dec04, 1281 words

    Anticlockwise (Remus/Sirius)
    two moments in a relationship, fifteen years apart
    24oct04, 4674 words, adult content

    Other wizarding eras

    Tongues and Tales (Frank/Alice)
    frank and alice longbottom were always meant to be
    18dec07, 5294 words, adult content

    Blood and Thorns: A Fairy Tale (Arthur/Molly)
    rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair
    04jan06, 3794 words, adult content

    Haute Couture (Arthur/Molly)
    the day arthur weasley fell in love
    26may05, 1547 words

    a drabble about two baby boys
    29aug04, 100 words

    Shakespearean Sonnet Collection

    Miscellaneous challenges from Heidi; results do not always, quite, match the original request.

    Before the golden tresses of the dead (Neville, Draco)
    "neville and draco, 7th year"
    03oct05, 1203 words

    Which hides your life and shows not half your parts (Harry/Fred)
    "one of the twins - fred, i think - with harry, summer between 6th and 7th year"
    14apr05, 774 words

    Clouds and eclipses stain both moon and sun (Luna/Remus/Bill)
    "you got me in the mood for luna, and the kinky part of me wants her with remus or bill. the really kinky part says with both"
    10apr05, 2167 words, adult content

    For I must ne'er love him whom thou dost hate (Remus/Draco)
    "lupin/draco, keywords: 'It's not like I have fangs and claws 29 days of the month'"
    17mar05, 3122 words

    All losses are restored and sorrows end (Harry/Luna)
    "how about a sweet little harry/luna story"
    15feb05, 1792 words

    Although I swear it to myself alone (Crabbe(/Harry))
    "crabbe or goyle with a crush on harry"
    27jan05, 1041 words

    No, Time, thou shalt not boast that I do change (Ron/Oliver)
    "oliver wood. and i want to say harry, but ron might be interesting"
    01jan05, 1543 words, adult content

    O, call not me to justify the wrong (Remus/Harry)
    "harry/remus, post war but 7th year"
    23dec04, 1782 words

    Though I, once gone, to all the world must die (Seamus/Draco)
    "seamus/draco, 7th year"
    11nov04, 1054 words

    Such civil war is in my love and hate (Harry/Draco)
    "harry and draco working together during the war"
    09nov04, 690 words, adult content

    Which by and by black night doth take away (Harry/Ron)
    "how about a nice little harry/ron after the war?"
    05nov04, 1541 words

    For precious friends hid in death's dateless night (Harry/Bill)
    "you said bill/anyone, so - bill/harry"
    31oct04, 340 words

    Finding thy worth a limit past my praise (Charlie/Neville)
    "charlie/neville, after 7th year"
    28oct04, 3143 words

    Why didst thou promise such a beauteous day (Remus/Draco)
    "want a true challenge? lupin/draco, height of the war, and lupin is a spy"
    19oct04, 2154 words

    Ficlets and Short Shorts

    Five Hundred Ways to Drink Tea (Ron/Luna) 28dec04
    Boiling Blood and Ticking Timepieces (Harry/Snape) 28dec04
    Strange Bedfellows (Ron/Draco) 30dec04
    Seraphina's Scrumptious Sugar Mice (Harry/Ron) 30dec04
    Second Best Bed (Ron/Remus) 30dec04
    Ronald Weasley and the Gryffindor Boys (Ron/Gryffindor Boys) 30dec04
    The Ballad of Harry Potter 10mar05

    Leaf (Harry/Ron) 08jul05
    Knife's Edge (Draco/Remus or Draco/Severus) 08jul05
    Draco Kan Reed (Harry/Draco) 08jul05
    Visions of Grandeur (Draco, Harry/Remus) 08jul05
    What Comes Around (Ron/Remus) 14jul05
    Your Space, His Time (aka: Draco Malfoy vs. The Slightly Psychic Paper) (Draco/Captain Jack - HP/Dr. Who crossover) 14jul05
    One Who's There (Sirius/James) 14jul05
    In the Garden of Eden (Lucius/James) 15aug05
    The Change (Charlie/Tonks) 15aug05
    Chasing Dragons (Charlie/Sirius) 22aug05
    Daphne Greengrass' Knickers (Draco/Pansy) 22aug05
    Battlefield (Ron/Draco) 06sep05
    Breathless (Ron/Remus) 06sep05
    Bestest Best (Draco and son) 06sep05

    Untitled (Lucius/Harry) 08oct05
    Untitled (James/Lily) QP 16oct05
    Untitled (Harry/Draco) QP 16oct05

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