Scenes from a Relationship:
ninety cents a minute

Joey yanked his cell phone out of his jacket as he draped his towel around his neck, lagging behind the rest of the guys. He hung the jacket back up sloppily in his haste. "Hey," he said when he heard the phone pick up, before the person at the other end could say a word. "It's me."

"Considering it's four in the morning," growled Dirk, "this had better be Joey or heads are gonna roll."

"You have someone else who calls you at four in the morning?" asked Joey, laughing. "Something you aren't telling me, baby?" He slumped down onto a plastic chair and mopped the back of his neck and his forehead. "Sorry, though ... I forgot. We just got off stage at that festival I was telling you about and I'm just too fucking excited."

"Yeah?" said Dirk, his voice still growly but more alert. "Did it go well?"

"It went fucking amazing," said Joey excitedly, not sounding apologetic anymore about waking him. "I mean, we were the first act in the morning so it wasn't, like, packed or anything, but they loved us, Dirk. They were, like, screaming and shit." He glanced around, then adjusted his shorts. "You have no idea what a high that is."

"And me not being there to take advantage of it," grunted Dirk at the same time as Justin came around the corner snapped his towel at Joey's crotch teasingly. Joey caught the end of it and jerked a laughing Justin forward, putting him in a headlock.

"Yeah, damn," he said, still holding Justin. "Because I got energy right now like you wouldn't believe."

"Ew!" said Justin, struggling to get free. After a few more moments Joey let him go and Justin went scurrying down the hall, even leaving his towel behind. Joey laughed into the phone and slouched back, leaving a trail of slick sweat along the back of the chair.

"What's so funny over there?" asked Dirk. Joey could hear a wide yawn and even what was probably Dirk's shoulder popping as he stretched.

"The kid just tried to mess with my manhood," snickered Joey, glancing up the hall where Justin had disappeared. "But don't worry, everything's intact."

"Better be," muttered Dirk, the bed creaking as he got up. "Though fat lot of good it's doing me right now, me here in America, naked with a hard-on and you over in Germany -- "

"Dressed and with a hard-on," finished Joey with a sigh. "This sucks."

"Because you know what I'd be doing with you right now if you were here, right?" said Dirk. If possible, his voice got even lower, more growly. "Sucking would definitely be a good way to describe it."

"Fuck," murmured Joey, lowering his voice as a couple of people he didn't know passed by. "You're not helping." He adjusted himself again. "Well, you're helping, just not in a way that's useful to me right now ... " He mopped off his neck again; for some reason he wasn't cooling off any.

"Well, get somewhere where it's gonna be useful, then," said Dirk. "Because I'm here listening to your voice and you woke me up from a great dream about you coming home and I'm gonna jerk off right now. And it would be a hell of a lot more fun doing it with my boyfriend."

"All right, all right," said Joey, standing up quickly, knowing that tone of voice. "Hang on, I'm heading for the showers. Do not start without me or I won't talk to you again until the weekend."

"Then hurry up," said Dirk, "because I'm on my way to the bathroom already and you know it isn't far. I'm gonna lean against the wall with one hand, like that time you walked in on me? Lean all my weight on it to brace myself and close my eyes and jerk off hard and fast. Because I'm not up for teasing at four in the morning and your voice is already fucking turning me on too much."

"Jesus Christ," muttered Joey, breaking into a run and shoving Chris out of the way to claim the shower before him.

"Hey!" protested Chris as Joey slammed the door in his face, turning on the water to cover the noise he was gonna make but not getting in. Not with a phone.

"Was that a door I heard?" asked Dirk. "I hope so, because I'm the bathroom now. I'm already grabbing hold of myself, the way I do when you're fucking me, all tight and rough."

"And growly," added Joey, shoving a hand into his pants, leaning his still-sweaty back against the cool cement wall. "You're always growly when we do that, right in my ear, leaning up to reach it and driving me further inside ... "

"Yeah," groaned Dirk, his breath hitching. There was a brief silence where Joey could hear the swift, hard motions of Dirk's arm, hear his breaths deepen and quicken, and knew that Dirk must be able to hear him, too -- the swish of his arm rubbing against the fabric of his shirt, of his hand stretching out his pants until he finally shoved them down far enough to be free of them. "God damn I wish you were fucking me right now."

"Me too," said Joey, panting, speeding up. "Because I'm so hot and slick right now our bodies would just slide together. We'd be gliding, and I'd go so far into you, baby, you'd think I was never coming out."

"I wouldn't want you to," said Dirk, his words punctuated with hisses and gasps. "You could nail me to the bed and I'd let you, let you hold me there as long as you wanted to. As long as it took."

"Yeah," moaned Joey, the sound of the water pulsing nearby becoming nothing more than white noise as everything focused on Dirk. "As long as it took, thrusting in and out of you, gripping your legs, your sides, your shoulders. Fucking your mouth with my tongue. Jesus, I'm gonna come ... " he gasped out.

"Damn you, you'll wait for me," moaned Dirk, grunting with every jerk of his dick. "Wait ... for ... me ... oh, Jesus!" He let out a guttural cry and Joey could hear his shoulder hitting the wall, knew *exactly* where he was, what he looked like, what he was feeling. His gut clenched and his balls tightened and he was coming all over his hand before Dirk had even stopped moaning.

There were a few more moments of silence while they both caught their breath, while Joey used Justin's towel to clean himself up before his wardrobe got messed up. Not that it didn't look well-used already at the moment, but the beauty of it was he could blame that on the performance.

"Fuck, I miss you," said Dirk finally, and Joey couldn't hear him moving around anymore.

"I miss you, too," he sighed, tossing the towel away. "And I've gotta go. This is costing us a small fortune and I need to shower."

"Me, too," said Dirk, chuckling into the phone. "Now, anyway. Then I think I'm going back to bed. Congratulations on the performance, Joe. Tell me more about it later on?"

"I'll call you from the hotel, after dinner," he promised. "Love you."

"Love you, too," said Dirk, and disconnected.