Scenes from a Relationship:
party of the year

Joey ran a hand up Dirk's leather clad thigh, pulling his white T-shirt out of the waistband with the other. "I wish we were alone," he whispered, urgently, letting just his fingertips touch Dirk's bare flesh.

"And I bet that couple over on the other sofa watching us wishes we were alone, too," said Dirk dryly. His only response to Joey's teasing was to shift his hips slightly so that his growing erection was hidden. As much as it could be, anyway. His arms were still spread across the back of the sofa and he'd made no move yet to touch his lover.

Joey looked up and saw two pairs of eyes guiltily dart away. He grinned a little and moved away from Dirk, sitting back on the couch again but leaving his hand high up on Dirk's thigh. "I hate parties where I hardly know anyone," he said.

"These are your friends, Joey, not mine," Dirk reminded him, taking his arms down and crossing them over his chest, eyeing the room warily. The music was a mixture of kiddie pop and soulless ballads and was doing nothing for his mood, nor was the see of flailing, brightly-clad bodies. "There is one thing that would make this easier to swallow."

"What?" asked Joey, wondering when they'd be able to leave, wondering when they'd be able to go home, or even just fine a dark, quiet corner to screw in.

"Beer," said Dirk, standing up abruptly. Joey's hand fell away, and he looked up at his lover in surprise. "We need beer, Joey. Lots of it. Let's go find the god damn kitchen and get wasted."

Joey stood up and followed Dirk, struggling for the first few steps to keep up with his determined stride. The kitchen was near the back of the house and towards the left, brightly lit and filled with bottles, empty and full. Dirk yanked open the fridge and pulled out two beer, handing one to Joey and opening his own, tossing his cap through the open doorway and into the melee of dancers beyond.

"You don't know anyone here at all, do you?" asked Dirk, draining his beer in two long swallows, then licking the rim clean with a smooth swipe of his tongue. Joey watched, and swallowed with some difficulty.

"Chris should be here," he said finally. "With his friend. They're the ones who invited me." He looked around the room, as though searching for him, but they were the only ones in it. At least, they were until a couple of giggling girls who couldn't have been older than sixteen or so burst in and stumbled out again with a half-empty bottle of vodka and a couple of plastic glasses.

"Ah, Chris," said Dirk, licking his lips. "Your imaginary friend Chris. The one I'd never heard about before today."

"Yeah, that one," said Joey, poking him in the side. "He seemed like a cool guy. He's gotta be around here somewhere..." His voice trailed off and his eyes scanned the room again. This time, they landed on a darkened doorway, almost hidden by the shadow of the fridge. "Well fuck me..." he whispered, reaching beside him to tug on Dirk's arm.

"What?" he said impatiently, turning to look at him straight on.

"Come with me," said Joey, his voice low. "I think the party's about to get a whole lot more fun."

Dirk cocked an eyebrow, but followed him easily into the darkened room. It was hardly more than a closet, holding a washer and dryer and a few pantry shelves, but it was dark and they were alone and it had a door and what else did they need? "I think you might be right," he admitted with a sly grin as Joey kicked the door shut behind them.

It was made of some kind of flimsy plywood that bent easily under stress, but that didn't stop Joey from slamming Dirk up against it, from diving for the zipper of those tight leather pants and yanking them down to his knees, from mouthing Dirk's cock through the thin cotton of his micro-briefs, making him slam his hand noisily against the wood again and again.

"Fuck, kid, you're good a that," rasped Dirk, tangling his hand in Joey's hair to hold him in place and using the other to lower his briefs, forcing Joey to lick and suck his bare flesh. Teasingly, Joey stopped for a moment and pursed his lips, blowing cold air across Dirk's painfully hard erection. "Sweet Jesus!" he hissed, pushing Joey's head towards his crotch. "Don't you stop now!"

Joey fell from his crouch onto his knees and took Dirk into his mouth, running his tongue over the head and sucking on it gently. He wrapped his hands around the backs of Dirk's thighs and squeezed gently as he went down on him. Dirk's breathing became harsher and harsher, and he slammed his head back against the door with a muted cry as he came into the back of Joey's throat.

Joey swallowed reflexively, then licked around the head of Dirk's cock one last time as his lover loosened his grip on the back of his hair and let him go. Stiffly, he got to his feet and planted a hand flat against the door on either side of Dirk, leaning in for a kiss. "Would you consider returning the favour?" he said, his voice low, pressing his now-urgent hard-on against Dirk's thigh.

"Are you saying you want me on my knees?" he asked, still panting for air but managing a wicked grin regardless.

"Wouldn't be the first time," replied Joey, turning his head to lick Dirk's neck roughly, then sucking his earlobe into his hot, moist mouth, biting down on it gently.

"Fuckin' tease," breathed Dirk, tilting his head to expose more of his neck to Joey, whose lips trailed down again to devour it.

"I'm not the fucking tease," said Joey, pushing himself harder against his lover's body. "Do you want me to just hump you right here? Because I will if you don't get down on your goddam knees in about ten seconds and suck me off. I mean it, man. I'm hurtin' here." Joey reached down with one hand to cup his own aching erection, as though to emphasize his point.

Dirk's large, dextrous hand covered Joey's lacing their fingers together as he pressed against his lover's hard cock. "Who's the tease?" he said, pushing Joey away from the door, pushing him back against the washing machine that made a low, metallic rumble as their combined weight fell against it.

"Please," said Joey, his free hand now frantically trying to unbutton his jeans. "Goddammit, Dirk..." His lover finally took pity on him, patting his hands away and unbuttoning his jeans, sliding them down over his ass and thighs with unexpected care.

"Wouldn't want you to mess up yet another pair of perfectly good jeans," he said with a smirk, just before engulfing Joey's cock in his mouth, taking it in almost down to the root. Joey's fist pounded hollowly against the enamel-coated metal as he sucked in a breath and squeezed his eyes tightly shut. he wasn't going to last long now, and he knew that Dirk knew it.

Joey tried to find something to grip as he felt himself being sucked, hard, approaching oblivion at an alarming rate. He failed, and almost fell as he came, his legs weakening and his sense of balance slipping. Dirk held him steady, his hands now firm on Joey's hips, and continued sucking him gently until he was soft again.

Soon they were both solidly on their feet again, arms tightly around each other, their faces pressed against the other's neck. Dirk pulled away first, giving Joey a tender kiss on the lips, then bending over to pull his pants on again, fastening them and fixing his shirt. "You were right, that was fun," he said quietly, looking away.

Joey pulled up his own pants, still feeling weak, and struggled with the buttons for a moment before finally getting them fastened. "Better than fun," he said, a contented smile spreading across his face as he adjusted his clothing and tried to make himself presentable again. He looked up and saw Dirk staring at him. "What?"

"Oh, nothing," he said, smiling. "Ready to go back in there?" Joey sighed wistfully and nodded. He still needed to at least find that Chris guy before they took off.

It turned out that wouldn't take him long at all. Dirk opened the door and Joey could immediately see Chris' profile, talking to a couple of girls as he poured a drink for himself. He looked down at himself one last time to make sure he'd concealed all the evidence, then put on a smile and walked over to him.

"Hey Chris," he said, moving himself into the other man's line of sight

"Joey! You made it!" he said, clearly not on his first drink. His eyes flicked over to Dirk, then at the now-open door near him, and he grinned. "I wondered who was in there this time. Fuck, that laundry room sees more action than a starting quarterback's buick."

Joey blushed guiltily for a moment, then caught sight of Dirk and shrugged and smiled helplessly. "Chris, this is my boyfriend Dirk. Dirk, this is my imaginary friend Chris." Dirk nodded his head in acknowledgment and Chris raised his plastic cup in greeting, a knowing grin still on his face.